Dallas Ward Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Cleveland County Cattlemen’s Association, Inc. (CCCA) in 2000. Initial funding was provided by members of CCCA and the local business community. At the present time, scholarships are awarded in $500 increments depending upon number of qualifying applicants and availability of funds. The scholarship is named in memory of Dallas Ward. Dallas was an exceptionally optimistic, talented, and caring young man. He competed in a variety of sports from age six through college, played the saxophone and oboe, and excelled as a student. Dallas was active in church and civic activities and demonstrated heart-felt compassion for all living things. His goal in life was to become a veterinarian. Dallas was actively pursuing at the time of his death. While a junior majoring in animal science at NC State University, Dallas was killed in a tragic automobile accident. Dallas was the son of Grady & Barbara Ward, who raise cattle in upper Cleveland County. Grady served as Association president during 1999-2000.

Scholarship Information and Application

Dallas Ward Memorial Scholarship Recipients

2017 Winners
Jody Williams, NCSU
Austin Henderson, NCSU
Savannah Howard, NCSU
Jonathan Presnell, NCSU
Josie Ann Rikard, NCSU
Abigale Patten, NCSU
Ruffin Hutchison, UT
Andrew Peeler, UNCC
Makenzie Smith, Clemson

2016 Winners
Austin Henderson, NCSU
Jody Williams, NCSU
Jonathan Presnell, NCSU
Savannah Howard, NCSU
Robert Peturson, NCSU
Mackenzie Smith, Clemson
Robbie Mintz, Appalachian

2015 Winners
Mackenzie Smith, Clemson
Abigail Whitaker, NCSU
Jonathan Presnell, NCSU
Michael McSwain, CCC
Cody McCurry, CPCC
Austin Henderson, NCSU
Jody Williams, NCSU

2014 Winners
Luke Martin, NCSU CVM
Jonathan Wesson, NCSU CVM
Jonathan Presnell, NCSU
Susan Greene, NCSU
Sara Hartsoe, NCSU
Lisa Humphries, Crest HS to attend NCSU
Jennifer Ferriera, Burns HS to attend NCSU
Cody McCurry, Crest HS to attend Central Piedmont Community College
Courtney Moore, Crest HS to attend NCSU

2013 Winners
Madison Bridges – NCSU
Susan Greene – Crest High School
Sara Hartsoe  – Gaston College
Ruffin Hutchison – NCSU
Luke Martin – NCSU
Kristin Miller – NCSU
Jonathan Presnell – Crest High School
Jonathan Wesson – NCSU
Amber Willis – NCSU

2012 Winners
Charlie Greene – Crest High School
Kevin Dedmon -NCSU
Luke Martin -NCSU
Rachel Bell -NCSU
Amber Willis -NCSU

2011 Winners
Michelle Sparks -Burns High School
Anna Proctor -Burns High School
William Ruffin Hutchinson -NCSU
Luke Martin -NCSU
Amber Willis -NCSU
Emily Rachel Bell -NCSU

2010 Winners
Amber Willis -Burns High School
Emily Rachel Bell -Crest Senior High School

2009 Winners
Luke Martin -NCSU
William Ruffin Hutchinson -NCSU
Lacey Wright -NCSU

2008 Winners
Lacey Wright
Luke Martin

2006 Winner
Lacey Wright

2005 Winner
Lacey Wright

2004 Winners
Joseph Hord -Burns High School
Ashley Bridges -Burns High School













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